Handling Advice

Wrong Handling Practice

We have a vast knowledge of industrial handling problems and we are always happy to talk to customers the help them find a solution. Our aim is to give you an objective opinion and to advise people the best way forward. We only recommend solutions that would allow compliance with the Manual Handling Regulations.

Here are some illustrations to help understand how much strain is being applied when moving heavy objects which can cause irrepairable damage to the human body.

HSE Guidance

”Your main duty is to avoid lifting operations that involve a risk of injury. Where it is not practicable to do this you should assess each lifting operation and reduce the risk of injury to the lowest level reasonably practicable. As the risk of injury goes up you must look at the operation increasingly closely to make sure it has been properly assessed and the risk of injury has been reduced”

Source : Getting To Grips with Manual Handling, HSE Publications.

Safe Handling Equipment

All of our units are designed to allow compliance with the Manual Handling Regulations. During the design stage we assess the effect that the unit will have on the body when handling the maximum load. We then carry out extensive on-site trials to ensure that people of different sizes and ages are comfortable using the equipment.

We like to help companies eliminate manual handling problems. Give us a call if you have any handling issues we can help with.

It is necessary to use the correct handling equipment, to avoid injuries and downtime in the industrial environment.

At STS, we understand the problems of moving heavy objects and are experts in providing solutions to these problems.

Correct Handling Practice

The 25kg Rule

All manual tasks that an operator undertakes must not exceed a maximum force of 25kgs. This force must be exerted between the waist and shoulder of the operator and is the same for pulling and pushing. For lifting it must be at waist height and close to the body otherwise the force is reduced as defined in the handling regulations. STS can provide a range of equipment that allows the operator to comply with these regulations. If you cannot find the equipment in our standard range we can offer a bespoke solution for your individual problems.