Gas Cylinder Handling Equipment

STE01-RRH06 Large Cylinder Handler CTS02 Cylinder Trolley with Hoist

STS supply a range of gas cylinder handling equipment designed and manufactured in the UK.

STS have come up with a new design solving all the problems with old 2 and 4 wheel gas cylinder trolleys. The ergonomic design allows any operator, however strong, to move cylinders around the workplace within manual handling regulations.

The manual units shown here are based on this new design, manufactured in full stainless steel, with different options for use with large cylinders, canisters and LPG's.

We have also designed a number of bespoke powered units for customers who needed to meet special requirements such as filling, weighing and cleaning cylinders.
If you have a particular requirement or need equipment to handle special gas cylinders give us a call and we will work with you to design and build a cylinder handling unit to safely do the job.