STE01-RRH02 - Gas Cylinder Filling System

This system was specially designed for handling and filling large gas cylinders. The unit is completely mobile so that the operator can wheel it to the pallet of cylinders and line up the bottom plate with the pallet. The cylinder can then be rolled onto the bottom plate. The operator can then power close the clamp to secure the cylinder and wheel the unit around.

The system is able to rotate the cylinder through 360 degrees. We have also designed in an agitation device, which is hydraulically driven, allowing the cylinder to be rotated left and right continuously.

The cylinder filling system is fitted with a digital load cell array, these accurately measure the cylinder as it is filled. It is important that the unit is used on flat ground to ensure the accuracy of the weighing system.

The clamping pads that grip the gas cylinder are lined with a synthetic rubber material that is able to grip the cylinder even if it is wet. This is important because it may become wet if it rains or condensation forms on the cylinder.

Technical Specifications

  • SWL 300kg
  • 1500mm battery hydraulic lift
  • 1998mm fixed mast height
  • Polycarbonate shatterproof clear guarding
  • Parallelogramed clamping head with rubber lined clamping pads
  • Power clamp controls with adjustable speed
  • Clamp pressure monitoring gauge
  • 24 volt hydraulic power lift pack
  • Steel construction
  • Grit blasted and double powder coated