Gas Cylinder Trolleys

STS have come up with a new ergonomic design solving all the problems with old 2 and 4 wheel gas cylinder trolleys. The operator simply pushes the gas cylinder forward slightly, then pushes the trolley to the cylinder. This is done very easily because the trolley has two small front wheels that allow the it to move forward even when it is vertical. The operator then pulls back on the cylinder until the trolley is on 4 wheels. The effort required to do this is only 15kg. The operator does not have to support the load at all. If the operator wants to climb a kerb with the trolley they simply push back on the handles to raise the front wheels.

These bespoke design cylinder trolleys below are based on the standard CTS01 design but modified to accommodate much larger gas cylinders. If you have cylinders or canisters which are out of the ordinary then give us a call and we can design a special unit to suit your requirements.