DLM01 - Counterbalance Lifter for Small Drums

Small Drum Lifter

This counterbalance small drum lifter unit is designed to take drums off pallets and load them into a dispensing machine that does not have any gap beneath it to allow for wheels.

The drum lifter shown is designed to lift small 25 litre drums, by the lifting arms holding the drum under the top rim, but the lifting head can be designed to suit the customer's specific requirements up to a safe working load of 50kg.

The lift is provided by an automatic two speed hydraulic pump to increase the speed of operation. Full stainless steel and EX Rated units are also available for use in Zoned hazardous areas.

Technical Specifications

  • SWL 50kg
  • Counterbalance option
  • Automatic 2-speed hydraulic pump
  • Available in full Stainless Steel
  • ATEX Rated model
  • Regulation Compliant