DLM03-EX - ATEX Small Counterbalanced Drum Lifter

The DLM03 Small Counterbalanced Drum Lifter was designed for a customer to eliminate the manual handling of small drums on site. These units are designed and built by us in the UK, allowing us to optimise the design to ensure that it fits all the drums you may have. If required we can make the lifter in accordance with the ATEX Regulations for operating in and around a Zoned area. All our units are very robust and are designed to last for 15 years +.

Operators needed to take two different types of small drums off a pallet and load them either into a drum mixing unit or a flame cabinet. The drums weighed up to 25kg. This was currently being done by hand and represented a high manual handling risk. There was also a 150mm step leading into the dispensing area.

STS built this small counterbalanced lifter unit, which is able to handle both drum types. Because the unit is counterbalanced it can load the drums into the various cabinets. The unit is narrow so that it can go through doorways. The 150mm step had to be negotiated with a ramp. This was made of aluminium chequer plate which has a good gripping surface to prevent slips. We ensured that our unit was very stable to ensure that it did not become unstable when wheeling it up and down the ramp. Once in the dispensing area the floor was made of grating, to prevent any problems we fitted the unit with wheels as large as possible within the design limits. The drum is raised by pumping a handle at the rear of the unit.

We can design and manufacture this drum lifter to suit your drums and job specification.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum SWL 40kg
  • Manual hydraulic lift to 380mm
  • Double acting hydraulic pump
  • Steel construction
  • Grit blasted and powder coated finish
  • 160mm Wheels with precision bearings
  • Rear wheel steering
  • Stainless steel rack assembly and drum grip