DPC01 - Counterbalance Powered Drum Lifter

This drum lifter is an electric powered counterbalance design particularly suitable for companies who need to handle lots of drums per day. These are all made to customers’ exact specifications.

The system uses battery hydraulic lift and electric drive. The amount of battery capacity can vary to suit the amount of use needed per day. We also fit different types of gripping head. The drum lifter in the picture shows a belly clamp, which are only suitable for steel 205 litre drums that have rolling hoops. The other option is to fit the lifter with a rim gripper, which picks the drum up from the top rim. These can handle lots of different types of drums.

The power drive system is very controllable and easy to operate. It uses the latest intelligent AC/DC drive system. There are many safety features built into the drum lifter including auto reversing.

Technical Specifications

  • Electric drive with automatic brake
  • Automatic drum gripping head
  • Hydraulic power drum lift
  • Batteries 24 volt 180 a/h
  • Built in battery charger
  • AC/DC intelligent drive system
  • Safe Working Load 350kg
  • Load centre 450mm
  • Grit blasted / double powder coated finish