DTP06-DPA05 - Drum Handling Equipment for Euro Pallets

STS were asked to provide a solution for a site where operators were manhandling 100kg drums off euro pallets.

Operators had to move 100kg tall stainless drums from wooden euro pallets onto plastic euro pallets so that the pallet of drums could be moved into a Zone 1 storeroom. Operators would have to manhandle the drums onto the pallet. The operators then had to pick up one drum from the Zoned store and transport it to a dispensing station. The drum was then placed next to the other drums and connected to the system. Operators also had to unload 200 litre drums from pallets. These drums weighed up to 300kg.

STS can supplied this drum handling unit that is able to pick up all the drums from the pallet, one at a time without the operator having to move the pallet. The same unit is able to transport the drum and place it in the dispensing station along side the other drums.

Technical Specifications

  • Manual hydraulic lift to 380mm
  • SWL 300kg
  • Double acting hydraulic pump
  • Steel construction grit blasted and powder coated finish
  • 160mm front wheels with precision bearings
  • 160mm rear wheels with precision bearings and park brakes
  • Rear wheel steering
  • Stainless rack assembly and drum grip