Drum Lifting Equipment - Depalletisers

STS offer a whole range of quality versatile drum lifting equipment for moving drums on and off pallets and bunds. STS depalletisers are designed to be compatible with plastic and steel drums of all types and sizes from 50 litres (10 gallon) to 200 litres (45 gallon).

All factories are different so we cater for this by offering alternatives to suit every workplace need, whether it needs access to the whole pallet from one side or whether it needs to be narrow or counterbalanced to avoid legs in front of the drum. We also offer de-palletisers that are fully stainless including the pump assembly with glass bead blasted finish suitable for most food production areas, or electro-polished finish suitable for pharmaceutical GMP clean room areas.

We can change all of the parameters for any of the drum lifting equipment, such as offering different height options to suit the pallet or bund height. We can also make special units if you cannot see something that would suit your particular site. If drums or barrels are out of the ordinary we can request samples and offer alternative catches or a boom attachment to enable the STS depalletiser to fit.

The DTP04 side-shift depalletiser a unique design allows the unit to straddle the pallet and pick off drums from any position, only requiring access form one side. The sliding arrangement is fitted with a catch fully adjustable up and down to suit the drum height with variable settings to suit the different types of drums such as XL ring, mauser and plastics.

The DTP05 Corner Depalletiser is suitable for areas where width of the unit is an issue. As this lifter can only access the drums placed at the four corners of a pallet it requires access to all sides which can mean a larger area is required or a pallet truck is also needed to move the pallet for access.

The DTP07 Counterbalance Depalletiser has a counter weight in the box at the back of the unit allowing drums to be picked up without the need of support legs sticking out the front. These de-palletisers are generally used for lifting drums off pallets and load them into dispensing machines that have no access for wheels to go around or under. The load is lifted using a double acting hydraulic hand pump making it quick and easy to use.