Drum Rotators - Lifters & Tippers

STS design and manufacture the largest range of drum rotators in the world for lifting and tipping drums and barrels.

Most drum tippers and rotators on the market are of an old design only suitable for lifting 200 litre steel drums. STS rotators can lift and tip all different types and sizes of drum using the same rotator head. To achieve this STS drum rotators are designed with two unique features - an adjustable clamping band and an adjustable rim clamp. They are suitable for lifting plastic and steel containers of any size from 50 litres to 200 litres, even egg-shaped mauser drums are no problem.

Our equipment has a 15-20 year design life so in years to come you may need to work with and dispense other sizes or types of drums or barrels. Our advice would be to invest in a versatile drum rotator suitable for lifting and tipping any container you may have.

When purchasing a drum rotator it is important to consider how many barrels per day you want to lift and tip. We supply rotators with options on power lifting, power clamping and power rotating.

We have developed a whole range of drum lifters and tippers that comply with the ATEX Regulations for companies with a requirement of lifting and tipping drums in Zone 1 areas.

For the pharmaceutical industry we can manufacture equipment in electro-polished stainless steel suitable for GMP clean rooms meeting all regulatory requirements.

The latest additions to our drum rotating range are the STS drum mixers, electric or pneumatic powered to suit your application. Designed and manufactured in the UK these units are fully compliant with UK handling regulations.