STE01-DRF05 - GMP Stainless Steel Drum Rotator

Stainless Drum Rotator

This full stainless steel rotator is designed to lift and tip large stainless vessels in a GMP clean room.

The lift is powered by an onboard battery hydraulic power pack. The power pack is housed in a stainless clean box to ensure there can be no contamination. The batteries are sealed for life.

The rotation is powered by a sealed 24volt electric motor driving a self-locking gearbox. The rotation is very controllable due to the onboard electronic control box. This is fully programmable. The motor gearbox unit is sheathed in stainless to allow it to be washed down.

The clamp is lined with a synthetic rubber material called Linatex. This material gives excellent grip between the band and the vessel. It also protects the vessel from being scratched by the stainless band.

Once the rotator has been fabricated it is dipped in acid to remove any contaminants from the stainless steel. It is then electro-polished in a tank of electrolyte. This removes a layer of stainless. The end result is the unit has a micro smooth finish that resists microbe growth.

Technical Specifications

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Electro polished finish
  • Will handle vessels 1000mm in diameter
  • SWL 800kg
  • Electric hydraulic lift
  • Power rotation
  • Silicon booted lift and lowering buttons
  • Batteries sealed for life
  • Automatic battery charger

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