STE01-DRU01 - Battery Hydraulic Universal Drum Rotator

Universal Drum Rotator

The most popular drum rotator is the STS STE01-DRU01. This is a battery hydraulic lifting drum rotator. The unit is capable of lifting over 100 drums on a single charge. The battery is sealed for life and the unit is designed to be very low maintenance.

DRU01 : What makes the unit versatile?

This very versatile drum rotator can be fitted to any of the STS stackers. These include units for Zoned areas. The universal rotator is designed for lifting and rotating all drums from 50 - 205 litre, steel or plastic. It is very important that any drum rotator you buy has the capacity to handle any drums because you cannot guarantee that raw material will always be supplied in the same drums.

How the unit works
  • The sliding arms allow the two pivot points to be moved in close to the drum to suit the drum's diameter.
  • The circumference of the stainless clamping band can be changed quickly and easily to suit different sizes of drums.
  • Stainless ratchet assembly; this tensions the stainless clamping band.
  • The rim clamp is a fully adjustable unit that fixes to the top lip of the drum; this stops the drum sliding in the clamp.
  • The double gearbox arrangement gives a smooth easy rotation of the drum. It is important that the gearbox handle is easy to turn no matter how full the drum is. The gearbox is also self-locking, so the drum can be left tipped over the vessel.

STE01 Battery Hydraulic Stacker Unit

The stacker is a very robust unit that is designed to be used continually on a production basis. The main chassis is constructed from hot rolled channel sections and not folded plate. This gives the unit excellent rigidity and a long service life.

  • Sealed for life battery
  • Hydraulic lifting to 1500mm (taller lift optional)
  • Silicone booted lift and lowering buttons
  • Power isolation key switch
  • Grit blasted and powder coated finish
  • Maintenance free bushed and sealed precision bearings
  • Twin rear wheel steering with park brakes
  • Choice of wheel and tyre types

We also have our STP01-Ex Pneumatic Hydraulic Stacker / Drum Rotator for lifting and rotating drums in Zone 1 applications.

  • Ex Rated, for Zoned areas
  • Electro polishing to give a micro smooth surface
  • Gearbox shrouds suitable for clean areas

Technical Specifications

  • Safe lifting and rotating
  • Rim clamp to prevent drums slipping
  • Double gearbox arrangement for easy drum rotating
  • Manufactured wholly in stainless steel
  • Strong structural strength
  • No paint flakes in your process
  • Long service life

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