STE01-RRH01 - Clamp & Rotate Drum Rotator

We supplied this drum rotator unit to meet a customers exact specification.
Operators needed to pick up open top steel drums with the lid removed containing adhesive. The drum needed to be inverted over another donor drum and then placed down slowly on to the donor drum. This requires precise and accurate control of the drum.

How the unit works
  • The operator wheels the unit up to the drum that is full of adhesive.
  • The drum is clamped into the drum rotator by pressing a button on the back control panel.
  • The drum can then be lifted and transported to the roller track where the donor drum is sitting on the roller track.
  • The drum is then power lifted to the correct height. The maximum height of the unit is set by a limit switch.
  • The drum is then inverted 180 degrees and placed on the donor drum. This lowered height is also set by a limit switch.
  • The position of the stacker is fixed by the operator driving the unit in to the floor docking frame.
  • Once the clamp is open the operator can take the unit to the next drum.

Technical Specifications

  • Main chassis steel construction
  • Grit blasted and double powder coated finish
  • Drum power clamping head
  • Rubber clamp linings resistant to petrochemicals
  • Power rotation motor gearbox assembly
  • Adjustable lift and lowering switches
  • Adjustable rotational switches
  • Sealed for life batteries
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Battery condition meter
  • Emergency stop