STE02-DRU01 - Telescopic Drum Rotator

This DRU01 Universal Drum Rotator head is fitted to our STE02 Telescopic Stacker. This combination is for lifting and tipping steel or plastic drums 50-205 litres. The manual rotator has double gearbox arrangement allowing a smooth easy rotation of the drum no matter how full the drum is. The gearbox is also self-locking, so the drum can be left tipped over the vessel.

The STE02 telescopic stacker can lift the drum to a height of 3000mm, allowing the drum to be tipped at a steep tip angle, which is an important feature when handling powders and other materials.

When companies buy the manual rotation DRU01 for high drum tipping applications they generally have a set of steps alongside the vessel. This allows the operator to turn the handle on the gearbox. We can fit a chain wheel to the DRU01 gearbox so that the operator pulls a chain to rotate the drum, but this does mean the operator is directly below the tipping drum, not an ideal solution.

A more suitable unit is the STE02-DRE01 rotator, which has a full electronic tipping control system in a pendant controller so the operator can control the rotation of the drum from the floor at the back of the unit, keeping the operator well away from the tipping zone.

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