STE05-RRH01 - Electric Power Drive Drum Rotator

This drum rotator was designed for handling steel drums from 350-600mm in diameter. The customer had drums delivered on pallets. They needed the drums to be lifted off the pallets and placed into a dispensing cradle without the operator having to touch the drums.

Firstly the steel drums had to be separated on the pallet using an STS lever bar unit. The lever bar is easy and quick to use. The drum rotator was then able to take the drums off the pallets and place them in the dispensing cradles. This was able to be done without the operator having to touch the drums. All of the functions of the drum rotator are powered allowing lots of drums to be handled safely each day by a single operator.

How the unit works
  • The operator separates the drums on the pallet using the lever bar. This only takes 43 seconds for 4 drums. We separate the drums to allow the clamping pads to gain access to the sides of the drum.
  • The operator drives the unit to the drum until the clamping pads line up with the side of the drum.
  • The clamp is then closed by pressing a button on the handheld controller. The clamp uses a hydraulic ram to pull the clamping pads to the drum.
  • The drum is then lifted off the pallet by pressing another button.
  • The operator can then drive away to the next location.
  • The drum can then be rotated into a horizontal position by turning a control knob on the handheld controller.
  • The cradle is then manoeuvred under the drum.
  • The drum is then lowered into the cradle and the clamp opened.

Technical Specifications

  • 1400mm battery hydraulic lift
  • 1998mm fixed mast height
  • Battery electric lift
  • SWL 350 kg
  • Fixed forks
  • Electric power drive. AC/DC intelligent drive motor
  • Programmable control box. Auto reversing tiller control
  • 2 x 180 amp Low maintenance batteries
  • High quality mast and combined carriage bearings
  • Polycarbonate shatterproof clear guarding
  • Silicone booted lift and lower buttons
  • Power clamping head
  • Hydraulic clamp pressure meter
  • Electric power rotation
  • Handheld controller
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Digital battery condition meter
  • Straddle leg configuration
  • Steel construction. Grit blasted and double powder coated
  • 160mm diameter front wheels with precision bearings