STM01-DRU01-EX-LC - Manual Drum Rotator with Load Cells

This very versatile rotator head is fitted to a manual hydraulic stacker suitable for rotating drums in zoned hazardous areas. We can offer fully compliant ATEX certification. The rotator is designed for lifting and rotating all drums from 50 - 205 litre, steel or plastic.

The rotator is shown with the optional feature of a load cell weighing system making it suitable for weighing drums in hazardous areas. Four load cells supply the data to a large stainless LED readout box, this feature can be added to any of the STS range of rotators.

The two-stage gearbox arrangement makes rotating drums very easy. The gearbox is also self-locking, so the drum can be left tipped over the vessel.

Technical Specifications

  • Manual lift 1500 mm
  • Manual rotate
  • 4 Load Cells with LED read-out box
  • Rechargeable batteries included at standard cost

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