STM01-DRU01 - Manual Hydraulic Stacker with Drum Rotator

The DRU01 rotator can handle all drums from 50 – 205 litres, steel or plastic. The manual rotator has a double gearbox that is used for tipping the load, ensuring that it is easy to rotate. It is very important that any drum rotator you buy has the capacity for handling any drum type or size because you cannot guarantee that raw material will always be supplied in the same drums.

The DRU01 rotator head is fitted to the STM01 manual hydraulic stacker. Manual stackers are used where the amount of lift is limited or the unit only needs to lift drums infrequently. The operator pumps the hydraulic handle at the back of the unit to raise the carriage.

These stacker lifting units generally come with a grit blasted and powder coated finish but the unit shown is a full stainless steel model with a glass bead blasted finish for use in food processing areas. We make these stainless stacker units to order, you simply tell us what specifications you would like.

How the unit works

  • The sliding arms allow the two pivot points to be moved in close to the drum to suit the drums diameter.
  • The circumference of the stainless clamping band can be changed quickly and easily to suit different sizes of drums.
  • Stainless ratchet assembly. This tensions the stainless clamping band.
  • The rim clamp is a fully adjustable unit that fixes to the top lip of the drum. This stops the drum sliding in the clamp.
  • The double gearbox arrangement gives a smooth easy rotation of the drum. It is important that the gearbox handle is easy to turn no matter how full the drum is.
  • The gearbox is also self locking, so the drum can be left tipped over the vessel.


  • The standard lift height is 1500mm but you can have up to 2500mm
  • The standard finish is grit blasting and powder coating
  • Glass bead blasting gives a clean smooth surface suitable for food processing areas.
  • Electro polishing gives you a micro smooth finish. This is more suitable for GMP areas
  • The gearbox is aluminium so if the area that the unit is going to work in is wet or used in a GMP area we fit a stainless gearbox shroud
  • Wheels are selected to suit the area of operation
  • Battery hydraulic lift is the most common unit. Manual is used where the amount of lift is limited or the unit only needs to lift drums infrequently
  • Gearbox shrouds suitable for clean areas

Unique features

  • Safe lifting and rotating
  • Rim clamp to prevent drums slipping
  • Double gearbox arrangement for easy drum rotating
  • Manufactured wholly in stainless steel
  • Strong structural strength
  • No paint flakes in your process
  • Long service life

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