STP01-DRH01-EX - Drum Rotator with Hydraulic Rotation

This drum rotator has a pneumatic stacker lift unit fitted with a fast, hydraulic tipping system built into the rotator head. This allows the operators to control the drum rotation using a control lever mounted on the arm of the unit. To bring the drum back to the vertical you simply pull the lever. This is a good feature to have if you want to tip lots of drums per day. We also fitted a large hydraulic accumulator into the system that increased the speed of operation.

The stacker lift unit is pneumatic air powered and the rotation is hydraulic powered both suitable for use in Zoned areas. The drum rotator is supplied with full ATEX certification.

Technical Specifications : STP01-EX

  • ATEX compliant for Zone 1 areas
  • Mast height 1998mm tallest
  • Lift height of drum 1500mm
  • SWL 400 kg
  • Steel construction
  • Pneumatic hydraulic lift
  • Dba 78 max (silencer fitted)
  • Hydraulic accumulator (prevents pulsing of the lift)
  • Grit blast and powder coated finish
  • Straddle leg configuration
  • Clear polycarbonate guarding
  • Polyurethane wheels

Technical Specifications : DRH01-EX

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Will pick up and rotate drums from 50-205 litre steel or plastic
  • Hydraulic power drum rotation to a maximum of 180 degrees
  • Stainless rotational control box
  • Stainless steel ratchet clamp
  • Safety rim clamp
  • Bead blasted smooth clean finish

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