STP01-DRU01-EX-LC - Pneumatic Drum Rotator with Load Cells

This very versatile rotator head is fitted to a pneumatic air-operated stacker suitable for rotating drums in zoned hazardous areas. We can offer fully compliant ATEX certification. The rotator is designed for lifting and rotating all drums from 50 - 205 litre, steel or plastic.

The rotator is shown with the optional feature of a load cell weighing system making it suitable for weighing drums in hazardous areas. Four load cells supply the data to a large stainless LED readout box, this feature can be added to any of the STS range of rotators.

The two-stage gearbox arrangement makes rotating drums very easy. The gearbox is also self-locking, so the drum can be left tipped over the vessel.

The STP01-EX stacker has a pneumatic hydraulic pump that is used to power the lifting of the drum. The pump is very quiet and efficient and runs on clean, dry air so there is no need for inline oilers like the old type vein pumps. If the airline is disconnected whilst the drum is lifted the drum will stay where it is because the system is hydraulically locked.

The pneumatic stacker is a very robust unit that is designed to be used continually on a production basis. The main chassis is constructed from hot rolled channel sections and not folded plate. This gives the unit excellent rigidity and a long service life. Pictured is a 1525mm lift unit but we also make telescopic lift units capable of lifting drums up to 3300mm.

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