STP02-DRU01-EX - Tall Pneumatic Drum Rotator

This unit is the DRU01 Universal Drum Rotator head fitted to the telescopic pneumatic powered STP02 stacker which telescopes up to 3000mm tall. It was designed for a customer who was tipping drums into a 2000mm tall vessel in a Zone 1 area.

The rotator is able to lift and rotate all drums from 50-205 litre. The lift is powered by a pneumatic hydraulic pump which is very quiet and is maintenance free. It is also fitted with a hydraulic accumulator so there is some lift if the unit is not connected to an airline. This allows the operator to pick a drum up off the floor and wheel the unit around.

The rotation of the drum is via a double gearbox arrangement which makes tipping the drum easy. The gearbox is also self locking so that you can leave the drum to drain. The rotator is supplied with all the relevant ATEX Certification for operating in a Zone 1 area.

Technical Specifications : STP02 Stacker

  • Pneumatic hydraulic lift
  • Minimum mast height 2100mm
  • Maximum mast height 3000mm
  • Manual push
  • Air consumption 200 litres per min
  • Airline pressure 5 Bar
  • Max noise 78 dba
  • Steel construction
  • Grit blasted and powder coated
  • Straddle leg configuration
  • Polyurethane wheels 160mm diameter
  • Rear wheel steering with park brakes

Technical Specifications : DRU01 Rotator

  • Will lift and rotate drums from 50-205 Litre
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fail-safe side clamp to prevent drum slipping
  • Sliding side arms
  • Stainless clamping band assembly
  • 50mm stainless ratchet assembly
  • Stainless bearings
  • Double rotational gearbox arrangement with 120-1 ratio

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