STP06-DRU01 - Pneumatic Power Drive Drum Rotator

This drum rotator was designed for a customer who needed to lift drums up to a height of 2885mm and move them around in a Zone 1 environment. It has the DRU01 Universal Drum Rotator head fitted to an STP06 Telescopic Pneumatic Power Drive Stacker lift unit, both ATEX Rated for use in Zoned areas.

The DRU01 rotator head is very versatile and can be fitted to any of the STS stackers including units for Zoned areas. The rotator is designed to lift and rotate all drums from 50 - 205 litre, steel or plastic.

The STP06 stacker lift unit has pneumatic air-powered lift to 2885mm and pneumatic drive forward and reverse, controlled from a rear steering tiller arm.

STS design and manufacture a whole range of ATEX Rated drum handling units for use in Zone 1 environments.

Technical Specifications

  • Pneumatically operated unit for Zone 1 environments
  • Pneumatic power lift to 2885mm
  • Pneumatic drive forward and reverse
  • Straddle leg configuration
  • Park brakes
  • Safe lifting and rotating
  • Rim clamp to prevent drums slipping
  • Double gearbox arrangement for easy drum rotating
  • Strong structural strength
  • Long service life