Forward Tipping Drum Rotators

When purchasing a drum rotator it is important to consider how many drums per day you are going to be lifting and tipping. We supply rotators with options on power lifting, power clamping and power rotating. The more power functions you have on drum rotators the more people like to use them.

The standard rotator heads are the DRU01 and the DRE01, designed for lifting and tipping any drums from 50 - 205 litres such as egg shaped mauser drums, plastic XL ring and steel open top drums. The DRU01 has a double gearbox that is used for tipping the load, ensuring that it is easy to rotate, but if you needed to tip lots of barrels you may want a power rotation model. The DRE01 is an electric rotation model fitted with a fully programmable electronic control unit that controls the rotation. We can program in the rotational tipping speed and force.

The rotator head is fitted to a stacker lift unit which also comes with a number of power options. The STE01 stacker has a battery hydraulic lift, the STM01 has a manual hydraulic lift suitable for Zone 1 use and the STP01 has a pneumatic hydraulic lift also suitable for Zone 1 use.

For tall tipping applications we fit the rotator head to the STE02 telescopic stacker lifting the drum to a height of 3000mm. This allows the drum to be tipped at a steep tip angle, which is an important feature when handling powders and other materials.

If you have a Zoned area we offer our STP01-EX stacker with full ATEX certification, which has a pneumatic hydraulic pump that is used to power the lifting of the drum. The pump is very quiet and efficient and runs on clean, dry air so there is no need for inline oilers like the old type vein pumps. If the airline is disconnected whilst the drum is lifted the drum will stay where it is because the system is hydraulically locked. These stackers can also be supplied with telescopic lift if you require drums to be tipped from a height.

A popular option is to have loadcells fitted to the drum rotator, we can offer standard and ATEX certified loadcells to suit your application and these can be fitted on any of the stacker units. Shown below is a pneumatic powered drum rotator fitted with ATEX certified loadcells for a customer who needed to lift and weigh drums in a Zone 1 area. The second rotator is a manual lift and rotate unit with loadcells also suitable for Zoned use.

The third rotator is our standard STE01-DRU01 fitted with an insert for handling and rotating very small drums.

Below are some of the power drive bespoke units we have designed to meet customers requirements. The first three are battery electric powered and the other pneumatic powered for use in a zoned area. Each is designed for a particular specialist application.

The first two drum rotators were designed for handling particular drums. The full stainless steel unit was designed to lift and tip large stainless vessels in a GMP clean room, which we supplied with an electro polished finish. The other rotator was fitted with a fast, hydraulic tipping system for a customer who needed to tip lots of drums per day.