DMP01-Ex - Drum Tumbler

STS pneumatic drum tumbler rotates 205 litre drums and barrels end to end offering a fast and efficient way of mixing chemicals in zoned hazardous areas. The unit is suitable for tumbling and rotating 205 litre steel or plastic drums. Designed and manufactured in the UK the drum tumbler meets all regulatory standards.

The drum tumbler is designed so that it is easy to load the drum into the rotating head using one of the STS range of de-palletising units. This allows a pallet of 205 litre drums to be placed next to the unit and one operator to do all the loading safely and in compliance with the regulations.

The drum is then secured to the rotating head, this has to be very secure to withstand the high forces exerted on the drum during tumbling. The safety gate at the front of the unit is then closed and the rotation can then be switched on. The drum is rotated sideways end over end; this is the quickest method of achieving a good mix. The rotation speed is adjustable from 0-6 RPM.

The drum tumbler can be supplied as either a fixed or mobile unit and is supplied as a pneumatic air-operated unit suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres. ATEX Rated for Zoned areas.

Technical Specifications

  • Will mix 200-205 litre steel or plastic drums
  • Pneumatic powered
  • Power rotation
  • Safety inter-lock gate
  • Steel construction with a powder coated finish
  • ATEX rated for zoned areas