DMP03 - Drum Mixer for Small Drums

This bespoke drum mixing unit is able to mix four 26 litre drums at the same time. The entire system is powered by compressed air. There is not any electrical equipment on the unit.
The unit complies with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The unit is fully earthed all the way through to the rollers. This is to discharge any static away from the rotating drums. As an extra precaution we also built in an anti static brush strip to ensure there is no static build up on the unit. We fully tested the unit during the certification phase.

How the unit works
1. The operator opens the gate of the mixer. This will hinge down. The action of opening the gate operates a safety switch which will cease all movement.
2. The drums are then lifted onto the rollers. We set the loading height to ensure that the loading of the drums onto the rollers is as ergonomic as possible. The rollers will accept 4 drums.
3. The gate is then closed.
4. The operator presses a reset button on the control panel. The reset button needs to be pressed every time the gate is opened.
5. The rotation speed can be set on the control panel.

Technical Specifications

  • Pneumatic powered roller drum rotation
  • Continuous 360 degree rotation
  • Adjustable speed 0-25 RPM
  • Safety interlock gate
  • Less than 76 DBA
  • Hinged guarding with pneumatic safety switch
  • Antistatic brush strip
  • Steel construction with a powder coated finish