Drum Mixers

STS drum mixers rotate drums and barrels end over end offering a fast and efficient way of mixing chemicals, powders and other contents.

The unit is designed so that it is easy to load the drum into the rotating head using one of the STS range of depalletising units. This allows a pallet of drums to be placed next to the mixer and one operator to do all the loading safely and in compliance with the regulations. Standard models are suitable for mixing 205 litre steel or plastic drums and barrels.

The drum mixers, which feature an interlocked front gate for safety, can be supplied as either an electric unit powered by 240volt single phase supply, or as a pneumatic air-operated unit suitable for mixing drums in hazardous atmospheres.

STS mixers are designed and manufactured in the UK so we can work closely with customers to meet their exact requirements.

We have recently supplied an electric drum mixer with a specially designed attachment enabling the customer to mix drums and barrels from 40-200 litres. Also in the pipeline is a unit to mix small drums on a set of rollers. If you have a special application requiring a bespoke mixer, contact us and we will design a unit to meet your needs.