DRE05 - Special Powered Overhead Drum Rotator

The DRE05 is a special overhead drum rotator, powered by an infrared control panel for picking up and rotating heavy drums up to 500 kilos. The unit is a standalone rotator that can be used with any crane, it has wheels on the bottom that will allow the operators to push the unit to the drum they want to pick up. The drum rotator has its own on board battery pack to power the rotation function, with an infrared control pad controlling the rotation of the drum. The rotator is constructed from stainless and mild steel, designed to be suitable for work in an outside environment.

The overhead rotator has a built in battery charger and a digital battery condition meter so that the operator always knows how much charge is in the batteries. There will be sufficient battery power to tip 150 drums per charge. The infrared keypad is used to tell the unit to tip the drum. The keypad has to have line of sight with the drum rotator.

Technical Specifications

  • SWL 500 kg
  • Stainless and steel construction
  • Will lift and tip 205 litre drums
  • 2 x 110 amp per hour maintenance free batteries
  • Programmable rotational torque and speed
  • Infrared control pad
  • Electronic rotational control module
  • Stainless steel clamping band with lead screw clamp