Overhead Drum Rotators

Overhead drum rotators are designed to be used with an overhead hoist, crane or forklift truck. These come with a crane hook as standard or depending on your application fork pockets can be fitted to allow the rotator to be mounted with a forklift truck.

The DRU02 is the standard overhead model of our DRU01 Universal drum rotator. The unit is manufactured in full stainless steel and can also be supplied to accommodate various drum diameters, with a range from 50 to 205 litres capacity.

The drum rotators shown below are bespoke models, designed and manufactured to meet customers exact requirements.

These include a rotator designed for lifting lightweight cardboard fibre drums and a special battery powered model for handling 500 kilo drums of hazardous waste requiring it to be supplied with programmable and infrared controls.

If you do not see a model which meets your requirements we offer full stainless steel options, ATEX certification and a range of power options.