STP01-DRF04 - Side Tipping Rotator

Side Tipping Rotator

This side tipping rotator unit lifts and tips the drum sideways. It was originally designed to be very narrow to allow the operators to use the unit to pick up a drum off a pallet and transport it through a 920mm gap between vessels. It can then lift and tip the drum.

This side tipper rotator has a fixed band making it suitable to handle 200 litre / 45 gallon drums steel or plastic.

The only negative thing with side tipping rotators is that you don’t get a lot of reach when tipping and dispensing compared to forward tipping drum rotators.

Technical Specifications

  • SWL 350kg
  • 1500mm lift height
  • Will handle 200 litre / 45 gallon drums
  • Will take drums off euro pallets
  • Steel construction
  • Grit blasted and powder coated finish

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