STE03-DRU03 - Battery Electric Small Drum Rotator

Small Drum Rotator Tipper

This rotator is designed to lift and tip a range of small drums into a vessel at 1500mm. The unit has a battery hydraulic lift system.

The drum tipper comes with a standard lift height of 1500mm but can be manufactured with lift of up to 2500mm if your application requires the extra height.

The drum rotator as standard is constructed in steel with grit blasted and double powder coating. The drum rotator here is shown with the option of full stainless steel construction. There are two options on the finish for stainless steel units: glass bead blasted or electro polished. The bead blasted rotator is suitable for rotating drums in most food production areas and the electro-polished unit is suitable for Pharmaceutical GMP areas.

Technical Specifications

  • 1500mm hydraulic lift
  • Electric power lift
  • Silicone booted lift and lower buttons
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Digital battery condition meter
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Sealed for life battery
  • 160mm front wheels with precision bearings
  • Steel construction with grit blasted and double powder coating
  • 160mm diameter rear wheel with park brake
  • Double triplex lifting chains
  • DRU03 small drum tipping head in stainless
  • Stainless top rim safety clamp
  • Worm wheel self locking rotational gearbox
  • Clear polycarbonate guarding

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