STP03-DVR03-Ex - Vacuum Drum Rotator

Vacuum Drum Rotator

The full stainless steel unit is designed to lift and tip small drums and buckets. The drum is connected to the head via 4 silicone vacuum cups. This system is especially good when the container you want to pick up has no real rigidity.

Because the vacuum cups pick up the from the back of the drum the unit can be used to pick drums up that are stacked close together on a pallet. The unit is very narrow so an operator can work close to the head unit and is not obstructed by the width of the rotator head.

The drum rotator has an electro-polished micro smooth finish. The unit is designed to work in a GMP clean room.

The rotator requires an airline to power the onboard pneumatic hydraulic pump and the vacuum generator. The vacuum system has vacuum locking valves that ensure that the vacuum grip is maintained even if the air supply to the unit is lost.

A pneumatic cylinder rotates the drum. This has locking valves that allow you to stop the rotation in any position. The lift ram is hydraulically operated. This gives precise lift control and is hydraulically locked should the airline be disconnected.

Technical Specifications

  • Lift height 1200mm (options to 2500mm)
  • SWL 50kg (other SWL options)
  • Stainless steel construction with electro polished finish
  • Ex rated to work in Zone 1 areas
  • Hydraulic lift ram
  • Pneumatic hydraulic pump unit
  • Max noise 76 DB
  • Silicone vacuum cups
  • Pneumatic rotational cylinder
  • Silicone booted control lever
  • Air filter regulators x 3
  • Panel mounted air pressure gauge
  • Panel mounted vacuum gauge
  • Panel mounted hydraulic isolation valve
  • Clear polycarbonate guarding

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