Small Drum Rotators

These small drum lifter and tipper units are supplied to suit your exact requirements. We have different lift heights and power options. The drum tippers have a standard lift height of 1500mm but we can supply them with lift heights up to 2500mm.

The very versatile DRU03 tipper head can handle a large range of small drums and buckets. We build the head to suit the range of drums you need to handle. The drum is held securely in the head and there is no risk of the drum falling out. The self-locking gearbox controls the tipping of the drum allowing the operator to accurately control the pouring of the drum. The drum can be left at a steep tip angle until the drum is completely empty.

Some drum tipper applications require the unit to have a long reach. We can supply the unit with a 1000mm of drum reach if necessary. The rear wheel steering makes the drum handling units very easy to manoeuvre. The units also feature a rear park brake. The chassis is made in steel and is grit blasted and double powder coated to give a durable long lasting finish. We can also manufacture the drum tipper unit in stainless steel with an electro polished finish for GMP areas.


  • STM03-DRU03 This has a manual hydraulic lift suitable for Zone 1 use.
  • STE03-DRU03 This has a battery electric hydraulic lift.
  • STP03-DRU03 This has a pneumatic hydraulic lift suitable for Zone 1 use.

Below are some of the bespoke models of small drum rotators we have designed and manufactured for customers specialist applications. These include a vacuum suction rotator head, a telescopic lift unit for tall tipping applications in GMP clean rooms and an ATEX compliant unit for handling drums in Zone 1 areas.

If you have a special requirement for lifting and rotating small drums contact us and we will design a unit to suit your needs.