STE01-DRF11 - Heavy Duty Drum Rotator

Heavy Duty Drum Rotator

This drum rotator was designed to lift and tip heavy drums weighing up to 450kg.

Normal rotators use a worm wheel gearbox, where as this unit was fitted with a hydraulic ram tipping arrangement as it requires a lot less operator input than a gearbox would for such a heavy load.

The unit has a hydraulic hand pump on the rotator head, when the operators want to tip the drum they pump the handle. The system uses two rotational rams to tip the drum. The drum will tip to a maximum of 120 degrees; a large enough tip angle for all of the contents to fall out.

Technical Specifications

  • Will lift and rotate 200 litre steel and plastic drums
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fail-safe side clamp to prevent drum slipping
  • Hydraulic drum rotation via a hand pump
  • Bead blasted clean finish
  • SWL 450kg