STE05-DRH08 - Electric Power Drive Drum Rotator

The unit is designed to lift and tip 500kg drums of radio active waste into a recycling vessel. The unit has a number of special design features to ensure that the drum can only be tipped when the vessel is in the correct configuration to accept the waste material.

  • The drum can only be lifted 100mm of the floor to allow the drum to be transported.
  • The unit drives into the docking station where the fail-safe sensor communicates the condition of the vessel to accept the material. If the conditions are correct the lights on the unit will inform the operator that lifting and tipping can take place.
  • All the functions of the unit are fail-safe.

Technical Specifications

  • Hydraulic power clamping with piloted check valves
  • Synthetic rubber clamp lining
  • Power hydraulic lift with self locking valve
  • Power hydraulic rotation with piloted check valves
  • Safety sensors fitted to all functions
  • Programmable power-drive system
  • Sealed for life maintenance-free batteries
  • Automatic electronic battery charger
  • Grit blasted and double powder coated
  • SWL 500 kg

This unit is an example of the highly specialised units being designed and built by STS for the nuclear industry.