STM01-BRM01 - Special Tipping Unit

This special unit is designed to pick up and tip large mixing vessels. The vessel weighs 600kg when full.

The mixing bowl is held in the rotator with a clamping band. At the back of the band there are 2 forks that go under the bowl to support the weight. It is designed to be quick and easy to connect the rotator to the bowl.

The vessel is lifted by pumping the handle at the rear of the unit. The vessel can be tipped by pumping on the tip pump handle, which will rotate the vessel to 125 degrees. It is very easy to tip the vessel due to the hydraulic tip system, which allows the bowl to be kept at a steep tip angle safely.

The unit shown is attached to a manual stacker unit but a powered lift and tip model is available.

Technical Specifications

  • Manual hydraulic lift to 1600mm
  • Straddle leg configuration
  • Ratchet bowl clamp
  • 2 x rotation hydraulic rams
  • 1 x hand hydraulic pump
  • Powder coated