Bespoke Drum Handling Equipment

We consider the field of bespoke drum handling equipment to be very important to us. We like to solve a customer's complete handling problem rather than offering only a part solution. Because we manufacture in the UK we can design and build the right piece of equipment that fulfills your specification.

Concept Drawing to Finished Product

We normally offer to visit your site to ensure that we have proposed the right solution. We produce 3D CAD drawings of the unit so that everyone on site can evaluate the proposal. From the feedback we can then incorporate any changes into the design. All the bespoke drum handling equipment we supply is on a sale or return basis because we believe that the responsibility is on us to get you a piece of handling equipment that does your job well.

These are just a select few of our bespoke drum handling units which we have designed to meet the customers' exact requirements.

All you need to do is give us a call and from a simple description of your particular handling problem we can get the ball rolling. We start by sending you drawings and a CD video of a unit that is generally close to what you need. We include a price of a bespoke tailor made unit to your exact specification.

All of our bespoke drum handling equipment allows compliance with the Manual Handling Regulations.

Call if you need more information.