MWB02 - Personnel Lifter

This is a personnel lifter with powered lift. The unit is completely self-contained and will lift a person up and down for approximately 150 lifts between charges. The operator will be able to control the lift from inside the basket.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum SWL 150kg
  • Battery hydraulic lift to 1000mm
  • Personnel basket with safety gate 600 x 800mm
  • Steel construction with a grit blasted and powder coated finish
  • 160mm front wheels with precision bearings
  • 160mm rear wheels with precision bearings and park brakes
  • Sealed for life maintenance free battery
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Silicone booted lift and lowering buttons in the basket
  • Emergency stop switch in the basket
  • Emergency lowering valve
  • Rear wheel steering