STE01-PPF01 - Pallet Positioning Unit

This unit is a mobile Pallet Positioner. The operator can wheel the unit to the correct position next to a conveyor where products need to be loaded onto a pallet. The brake can then be applied and the empty pallet can be loaded into the front of the unit with a pallet truck.

The operator will simply press 1 button to raise the pallet to a comfortable height. Once the pallet is partially loaded the operator can lower the pallet by pressing the down button. Once the pallet is at floor level the pallet can be removed with a pallet truck. There is an emergency stop button that is easily accessible on the panel.

The unit can be made in steel or stainless. The steel model is grit blasted and double powder coated. We can supply the unit in a silver finish, which will look better in a food factory.


  • Straddle leg configuration
  • Nylon wheels with stainless sealed bearings
  • Battery hydraulic lift to 1000mm
  • Silicone booted lift button
  • Silicone booted lowering button
  • Buttons are placed in the middle on top of the panel box
  • Emergency stop key switch. The plastic key can be removed to prevent use
  • There are two emergency stops, one in each side of the panel box
  • IP 55 rear enclosure with a stainless cover
  • Maintenance free sealed for life battery
  • LED battery condition meter
  • 10-amp conditioning electronic battery charger
  • Power supply requirement: 240 volt 15 amp with earth leakage trip
  • Grit blasted and double powder coated
  • SWL 1,000kg