STE01-TBR02 - Stacker Fitted with Tote Bin Tipper

Stacker Fitted with Tote Bin Tipper

This tote bin tipper was based on the design of our standard drum rotator units fitted with a tote lifting and rotating head. The unit was designed to lift and tip the tote bins into vessels the customer already had on site.

The lifting head can grip the stainless tote and was designed to be able to lift two different sizes of tote bin, handling a weight of up to 400 kg.

Specially designed for use in wet areas it was manufactured with a steel main lift unit and a stainless tote bin rotator. This type of tipper unit is suitable for use in a food processing environment because if you are tipping into an open vessel the only thing hanging over the open aperture is the full stainless rotator head. The steel lift unit is grit blasted and double powder coated to give a very durable corrosion resistant finish. We made a number of upgrades to the unit to make it suitable for the food processing environment.

Technical Specifications

  • 1500mm battery hydraulic lift
  • 1998mm fixed mast height
  • High quality mast and combined carriage bearings
  • Polycarbonate shatterproof clear guarding
  • IP 65 switches and housing
  • Silicone booted lift and lower buttons
  • Straddle leg configuration
  • 160mm diameter wheels with precision bearings
  • Nylon wheels, polyurethane tyres and sealed stainless bearings
  • Steel and stainless steel construction
  • Steel grit blasted and double powder coated
  • Stainless bead blasted clean finish
  • Fail-safe side clamp to prevent drum slipping
  • Stainless bearings, bolts and fixings
  • Electric 24 volt power rotation
  • Electronic power controller with all the relevant safety features
  • Forward and reverse controller on the back panel

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