AWE01 & AWE02 - Crucible Lifters

We have looked at different crucible lifting devices and we offered a purpose built clamp for each crucible size. We have looked at various adjustable designs but we are not comfortable with having an adjustable clamp lift unit when the crucibles only have a 3.5mm groove to locate in. We would need to supply 7 purpose built crucible clamp lift units. The units will be machined out of a solid ring to ensure we get the tolerance right. They will need to be re-machined once the hinged pivots are welded to the ring sections. The clamp will have a single hinge on one side and a securing pin system on the other. Once fitted to the crucible they will not exert any clamping pressure on the crucible. They will be easy and quick to fit. We do not have a weight for the clamp units yet but we will try to keep the weight to a minimum. Looking at the list you sent we would need to supply 7 different sized clamp units. The price would include issue of design drawings for approval, building and testing and certifying each unit. This mould lifting unit fits an overhead crane. The unit has 4 legs that all move in together when a handle is turned on the unit. The pressure exerted on each leg will balance out among all the legs. The unit will have a clamping range of 200-450mm diameter. The four legs will be designed to clamp in to the 10mm piston grove on the mould. The legs will be locked in position on the mould until the operator turns the handle to release the mould. The safe working load of the unit is 300kg. The unit contains a lot of machined parts. We cannot offer an adjustable model for these units because the piston rig grove is only 3.5mm. These will need an engineered dedicated lift unit for each crucible sizes.