CLE01 - Stainless Steel Column Lifter

We supplied this stainless steel scales lifting unit, to suit a customers exact specification.
Operators needed to lift a set of scales to various heights to aid the unloading of bagged material. The unit had to be designed to be operated in a GMP area.

The unit is a column lifter fitted with a large stainless tray to accept the 600 x 800 scales. The tray/carriage and outside of the lifter is made of stainless steel 304 with an electro polished finish. The internal components of the column are steel. The steel components are grit blasted and double powder coated.

The stainless steel tray is lifted by a parallel lead screw assembly. The screw is turned by a motor gearbox unit. There are two limit switches that are used to set the maximum and minimum height of the tray.

The column is operated from a remote box mounted on a pedestal that houses the electrical safety equipment and control buttons. The unit has a 2 button operation for up and down.