GMV01 - Door Lifting Trolley

This door lifting trolley was designed for a car manufacturer who needed a single operator to be able to fit and remove car doors safely and in compliance with Manual Handling Regulations.

The customer contacted STS and explained their handling problem, we then sent a technical sales engineer to their site to assess their requirements. STS engineers then sent 3D CAD drawings of the proposed unit to the customer for evaluation before building it incorporating their feedback.

The unit is easy to manoeuvre around the confined spaces of the car assembly line areas and is designed to take only 5 seconds to load the door onto the trolley. The trolley has nylon rollers that allow the door to be transferred from the door storage rack onto the STS door aligning unit without marking or damaging the door.

The head assembly can be swiveled to suit right or left hand doors. The trolley was supplied with the 2 position door connecting lugs to suit the front and back inner door skins.