STE01-RCG01 - Core Gripper Roll Handler

This roll handler was designed for a customer who had a requirement to lift rolls of paper off a pallet when stacked three high and then rotate them into the horizontal. They needed to handle a range of different size rolls, with the largest being 1000mm diameter 300kg rolls.

We designed a high quality roll rotator unit that would handle all the different size rolls on site. To enable one unit to do this we designed the handling unit to grip rolls from the centre using a hydraulic power core gripper. Core grippers are only good for picking up film or paper rolls that do not telescope when you pick them up from the core.

The roll could then be rotated into the horizontal. It has electric power rotation with adjustable speed, forward and reverse. The roll handler has low-level legs to go under Euro pallets which the rolls were stacked on.

The core gripper unit can be supplied in stainless steel if you need to use the unit in a clean room, and Ex-Rated units available for Zoned hazardous areas.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum SWL 350kg
  • Lift height 1500mm
  • Hydraulic power core gripper
  • Electric power rotator
  • Handle rolls up to 1000mm diameter

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