STE01-RCG02 - Core Gripper Roll Handling

We make lots of different models of reel and roll handling equipment. This core-gripping model uses a hydraulic expandable core. Because it is hydraulic it has fantastic gripping power and we can set the desired clamp pressure to suit the roll type. Core grippers are only good for picking up film or paper rolls that do not telescope when you pick them up from the core. The rotation from vertical to horizontal is controlled by a motor gearbox unit. This has an electronic controller that allows us to program the rotational speed and torque.

The lift unit is based on our STE01 stacker unit. This has hot rolled channels and precision combined bearings. The whole unit is grit blasted and powder coated to give a long lasting durable finish. The core-gripping unit can be supplied in stainless steel if you need to use the unit in a clean room. We can even supply our STP01-Ex unit for use in a Zone 1 area.

STS design and manufacture in the UK enabling us to supply equipment to meet your exact specifications.

Technical Specifications

  • Will handle rolls of 1600mm long and 600mm diameter
  • SWL 400kg
  • Battery hydraulic lift to 1800mm
  • Powered internal core gripper 150mm diameter
  • Power roll rotation
  • Electronic speed and torque control
  • 2 x 12volt 80amp per hour sealed for life batteries
  • Steel construction with a grit blasted and powder coated finish
  • 160mm wheels with precision bearings and polyurethane tyres

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