STE03-RCG03 - Core Gripper Roll Lifter

This core gripping roll handling unit was designed to eliminate the manual handling of the rolls on site.

The unit lowers a core gripper into the core of the roll when the roll is in the vertical on the pallet. The core then expands and locks in the core. The unit will then lift the roll off the pallet and rotate it into the horizontal. The operator will then be able to load the roll directly onto the spindle of the machine it is needed on.

The roll lifter is a semi-counterbalance design so that it can take the rolls off the pallet without having to worry about long wheel legs getting in the way.

STS roll handling equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK enabling us to design a unit to meet your exact specifications.

Technical Specifications

  • SWL 100 kg
  • Power rotation
  • Manual core gripper
  • Semi-counterbalance design
  • Steel construction
  • Grit blasted and double powder coated
  • 1200mm electric hydraulic lift
  • 1900mm fixed mast height
  • Rear wheel steering with park brake

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