STE01-RRE01 - Large Clamping Roll Handler

Large Clamping Roll Handler

This unit can be used to rotate large or heavy rolls of film. The clamp uses a parallelogram mechanism to ensure the clamping pads are always kept perpendicular to the roll to be lifted. The main benefits of this unit are that it can pick up different roll diameters with the same lift unit. The clamping mechanism has a mechanical brake to ensure the roll is not released if the power is disconnected.

The clamp pads are lined with a chemical and abrasion resistant material to protect the rolls when clamped. This lining is bonded and bolted to the pads to ensure a long service life. We can offer this unit in a number of options. These include fully powered clamp and rotate using pneumatics or electric. It is also available in full stainless steel for use in clean or explosive areas.

The clamp and rotate roll handler can be seen here fitted to a STE01 Battery/Electric Stacker.