STP03-RRP03 - Small Roll Clamp Rotator

This head assembly will pick up rolls and reels with a variety of different diameters due to its automatically adjusting parallelogram powered gripping system.

The unit has been designed with a number of fail-safe systems. The lift circuit is separated from the clamp circuit and the clamp control is of an interlock design to prevent accidental release of the roll. The air reservoir allows the clamp pressure to be maintained when the airline is disconnected. A gauge on the top panel is used to monitor the clamp pressure.

We also offer an electrically powered model and the option of mild steel construction, grit blasted and double powder coated for long lasting finish.

Technical Specifications

  • Full stainless construction
  • Complies with ATEX for Zone 1
  • Suitable for GMP Areas
  • Options for Electro polished finishes
  • Pneumatic clamping head
  • Pneumatic power rotation
  • Runs on clean dry air supply (no need for in-line oilers)
  • Clean air discharge
  • Chemical resistant Linatex clamp lining
  • Shatter proof polycarbonate clear guarding