STE03-RRM06 - Stacker with Clamping Roll Rotator

This unit is a battery hydraulic mini stacker with manual roll clamp and manual sideways roll rotation.

It is designed to lift and rotate rolls of various sizes in a confined space. The roll is clamped between the rubber lined pads by a hydraulic constant tension system. This allows the unit to pick up rolls of material that tend to telescope. The pressure of the clamp can be set so that the roll is gripped the same each time. The roll is lifted by pressing a button on the back of the control box. The operator can then rotate the roll manually by turning a handle on the rotational gearbox.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery hydraulic mini stacker
  • Manual roll clamp
  • Manual sideways roll rotation
  • SWL 60 kilos
  • Max roll diameter 410mm