STE05-RRH02 - 1100kg Roll Handling

This roll handling unit was designed to clamp and lift 1100kg rolls, then rotate the rolls clockwise. It has a power drive lift unit and is battery hydraulic powered.

The roll rotator is fitted with a clamp pressure gauge. We can indicate on the gauge the correct clamping pressure for the different roll sizes. There is an inbuilt hydraulic accumulator that ensures the clamp is continuously squeezed all the time. If the roll settled slightly whilst being transported then the clamp would tighten its grip.

The lift is hydraulically operated. The rotation system is pivoted on two tapered roller bearings that have a massive load capacity to support the 1100kg roll. A hydraulic ram powers the roll into the horizontal.

We can offer the unit with pneumatic hydraulic power with ATEX certification for use in Zoned hazardous areas.

Technical Specifications

  • SWL 1100kg
  • Lift height 1500mm
  • Fixed mast height 2100mm
  • Grit blasted and powder coated finish
  • Straddle leg configuration to suit pallets
  • Power clamp head assembly, steel construction
  • Roll clamping range 450mm – 1100mm diameter