STE05-RRH02 - Heavy Duty 1500kg Roll Handler

These heavy duty roll handlers are manufactured using a parallelogram mechanism to always keep the clamps perpendicular to the roll while it is being clamped. This allows the same unit to pick up a variety of rolls with differing diameters. The clamping mechanism has a mechanical brake to ensure the roll is not released if the power is disconnected. Variation in specification can be made to suit your application.

They can handle rolls of different diameters from 600mm-1100mm. They are especially good at handling rolls that are prone to telescoping. The clamp pads are lined with a chemical and abrasion resistant material to protect the rolls whilst clamped. This lining is bonded and bolted to the pads to ensure a long service life.

This model clamps and lifts the roll, then rotates the roll clockwise; it is designed especially for handling 1500kg rolls. This handling unit is battery hydraulic powered, but pneumatic hydraulic is available as an alternative.

Technical Specifications

  • 1400mm battery hydraulic lift
  • 1998mm fixed mast height
  • Manual push, or electric drive option
  • Parallel clamping arms
  • Hydraulic clamp constant tension system
  • Hydraulic power rotation
  • SWL 1500kg
  • Straddle leg configuration
  • Steel construction
  • Grit blasted and powder coated