STE05-RRH02 - 300kg Cable Reel Handling

300kg Cable Reel Handling

This large cable reel handling unit allowed the operators to handle a range of reel sizes, lifting them off the floor and loading them onto a pallet. The reel handling unit was designed to be used in conjunction with a turntable. It was a lot easer to align the pallet with the turntable rather than moving the stacker unit around.

The clamping pads were lined with a synthetic rubber 20mm thick which allowed us to pick up the reels by clamping the cable.

The rotator was designed to be able to clamp the reel when it was standing on the floor. The reel is then lifted and rotated forwards. The unit can then be driven to the pallet and the first reel can be placed in the centre of the pallet. The process is repeated until the pallet is full. The pallet will have to be turned on the turntable to ensure that the cable reel can be placed in the correct position on the pallet and the clamping arms of the rotator can open without disturbing the other reels.

Technical Specifications

  • Counterbalanced design
  • 1500mm battery hydraulic lift
  • 300kg SWL
  • Straddle leg configuration
  • Parallelogramed power clamping arms
  • Clamping range 20-32 inch
  • Power hydraulic lift
  • Electric power rotation
  • Electric power drive